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Being professional Paver Contractors in Cape Coral, FL, we know your home’s paver is the first impression on everyone. We help you restore your cracked pavers, moldy decks, and oily driveways to provide your home a shiny ground.

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Xtreme Pavers Sealers

Professional Paver Contractors in Cape Coral FL

Xtreme Paver Sealers is the trusted name in the field of paver restoration with 30 years of extensive experience. We have been providing quality work and state-of-the-art services to our customers throughout our career.
Replacing your paver, patios, decks, or driveways is expensive. With our experienced workers, quality materials, and excellent services, we can restore your stone, brick, and concrete pavers to give a new life to your home’s exterior. Are you searching for “paver washing near me” or “paver sealing near me”? No need to search further because you have found the best paver contractors in Cape Coral, FL.

Benefits of Impact Windows & Doors


Extra Protection

Shiny Surface

Enhanced Look

Stain Repellant


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Paver Sealing
Adding a seal is just like providing a shield to your pavers. We offer you quality paver sealing services in Cape Coral, FL with premium material to provide your pavers with extra protection for a longer lifespan.
Largest paver showroom with pavers available at affordable cost. Visit us today or order online for timely paver shipping in Cape Coral, FL. You can get the best quality pavers safely at your place with a peaceful mind.
Paver Washing
With our Paver Power washing services in Cape Coral, FL, we wash away layers of stains, stinky gums, and dust from your pavers that bring them back to new condition.
We can restore your paver’s shine with our paver tinting services in Cape Coral, FL, and enhance the overall look of your home. Call us today to request a free price estimate.
Paver Cleaning
Dirty pavers make your home look old. We remove mold, algae, graffiti, gums, and stains to renew your paver and make your home look lovely again. Contact us today to request a free price quote for paver cleaning services in Cape Coral, FL.

Why Choose Us

Premium Material

Quality work can only be assured with quality materials. That’s why we always use the best materials to provide you with excellent work results.

Unmatchable Prices

Even though our prices are unmatchable and quite affordable, we never compromise on the quality, that’s why we have retained our customers for over 30 years.

Expert Workers

Years of service and our excelling nature in our work have allowed us to gain the enormous knowledge that we utilize to put together satisfactory work.

Latest Tools

Our expert workers are well-equipped with all the necessary tools and the latest machinery that we use to add perfection to our work.

24/7 Customer Support

Call us anytime because we are always here to respond. To provide our customers with full-time support, we are taking your calls and queries 24/7.


Our professionalism is our secret for 30 years of a successful business. That’s why we always focus on training our workers to maintain professional behavior.


By offering top-notch paver installation in Cape Coral, FL, for over 30 years, we have built a trustful relationship and earned the loyalty of our customers.



Frequently Asked Questions

The drying process takes about 48 hours after the sealer is applied. Please make sure not to use the coated area for at least 48 hours.
Only two coats of quality sealers are enough to provide your pavers with a long-lasting protective layer.
If applied smoothly by an expert and using a quality material sealer, it can protect your patio for two years.
A sealer, when dried, provides a shine to your pavers and makes them look new.
Paver sealing starts with blowing dirt away from the work area. After clearing the dirt, it’s time to power wash your pavers to remove all the stains, gums, and tire marks. Then we sand the joints of the paver, and after that, the sealer is applied.

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